Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week 5 (Outside Lab) - GUI and Application

This meeting yielded a lot of progress on the software side of things. For the blinking LED control application, the team was able to figure out how to create a termination button in the GUI, and also implemented an 'Apply' button to allow the input values to be freely adjusted before they're sent to the Arduino. The slider was also changed to a spin box, to make it easier for the user to set the desired value. Once this worked, the next step was to create the ability for the on-time and off-time of the LED separately, which more closely mirrors the function of the PlantParent controller. This was achieved by adding an extra loop in the Arduino code and another spin box to the Qt interface.

Figure 1. Blinking LED controller GUI (functional).

The final look of the blinking LED controller is seen in Figure 1. This program was fully functional, which was extremely encouraging and exciting for the team.

After this, Davina duplicated the Qt code and created the appearance of the PlantParent controller using Style Sheets (based on CSS) in Qt Designer. This is seen in Figure 2, and is still nonfunctional at this point.

Figure 2. PlantParent controller GUI (nonfunctional).
Not shown: 'Apply' and 'Cancel' buttons change appearance when hovered over or pressed. 

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