Why use an Arduino Board?
Because the board uses sensors and actuators to interact with its environment it makes the perfect tool for the automated water hydration system. This system, as well as the downloaded software needed to control it, is essential to the functionality of the final product. 

What makes this design different from others like it?
There are systems similar to PlantParent in existence, but we believe that ours is unique. The final design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing because we are aware that the consumers take pride in the loveliness of their plants and their homes. PlantParent is also very convenient. Linked to a desktop application through the Qt app development interface, the settings of the automated water system can be easily adjusted without any coding knowledge on the consumer's part.

How many plants can the final product water at once?
PlantParent can water up to two plants at once.

Can I adjust the water output separately for each plant?
This is high on the list of desirable future modifications, but the first prototype for PlantParent doesn't yet have this capability.

How does the desktop application work?
Use of the application is extremely easy. Simply input the amount of water that your plants need (in milliliters), then the number of hours to go between watering, click Apply, and you're done! When you return from your vacation, hit Cancel, and the system will turn off completely. 

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